We are here to help navigate the journey through graduate school and to build community between SEAS graduate students. We are trained to listen, brainstorm, and direct you to helpful resources within and outside Harvard.

Examples of frequently encountered obstacles include:

  • “I feel like everyone around me is doing better than me.”
  • “I am struggling to balance classes and research / work and life.”
  • “My labmates don’t come in often, I am pretty isolated most days.”
  • “My advisor seems dissatisfied with me and I can’t figure out why.”
  • “I am not sure I want to stay in my current area of research – how can I make a switch?”
  • “I don’t feel like I belong at Harvard.”
  • “I am having trouble in my relationship with my significant other.”

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How to find us

Coffee after lunch: Join us for our biweekly free, fresh coffee and snacks. Locations alternate between the Allston and Cambridge campuses. These events are listed on our calendar. Alternatively, you can look for our emails on the gradsdirect mailing list.

Contact a peer mentor: Want to set up a time to talk? Email any of us peers mentors.