We are here to help navigate the journey through graduate school. 

Our number one goal is to build community between SEAS students.

In addition, Peer staffers are trained to listen, brainstorm, and direct you to helpful resources within and outside Harvard.

Examples of Frequently Encountered Obstacles

  • Academics, advisor relationships, research, etc

  • Personal conflicts with friends, significant others, etc

  • Maintaining balance, mental health, and general well being

Peers are available to help! Here's how to find us:


Brownian Motion

InTouch Peers are purposfully spread throughout the departments and buildings of SEAS, and encourage you to start up a casual conversation. Feel free to say hello and introduce yourself any time (you never need a reason).


Chat Over Coffee 

Casual. Community. Coffee. Every Tuesday, 10:00-11:00am in the lobby outside MD 119. Come for the coffee, stay for the people! 


Contact a Peer

Want to set up a time to talk? Email any of your student Peers.